Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Demolition Has Begun

WhooHoo.......Good thing this isn't "smell-o-vision", because it stinks in here! Our demo crew arrived just in time to start tearing down all the muck. Ladies(and gents) let me tell you there was mold starting to grow even under the carpet....blah :{

All that stuff that we kept saying we would get to on another day. Well these past few days has been "those days". The Recovery Crew (Melissa, Sue, and Karen) has been hard at work sorting and purging all the items we honestly don't know why we have kept. It was so liberating. Now we feel Ike should at least left us a voucher for a SPA DAY; but we haven't found that yet.

On a side note we want to thank a few of our customers who "just showed up" to help us out the other day (you know who you are), and The Scrapbook Junkie for sharing our troubles on her blog. That's how the local folks stay in business- by sharing the love.

Speaking of sharing the love, we ask that you do the same on our blog. The Remodeling Crew (Mary Lou, Melissa, Sue and Karen) has started the process of color choices, etc. so don't forget to share your thoughts on what you would like to see with us in the comments section below. OK, now I am on to get ready for work......


Anonymous said...

God bless you all. I had wondered about all of you when I got phone calls from some friends to come here and stay with me. Thank God you are all ok and I assume your homes are all fixable as well. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to my next visit, though I'm not sure when that will be. Good luck and stay healthy.
I'm sure glad at this moment that I live in "Waxahachie"
Bye for now

SusanHanna said...

Color choices don't matter to me as much as plenty of room to showcase the models and ideas and samples from up-coming or previously held classes. I know the store isn't a museum, but you cannot imagine how often my creative juices start flowing when I run in to buy adhesive and then spend an hour looking at the samples displayed on shelves and by the checkout counter.

Anonymous said...

It really is the knowledgeable and friendly staff that make Novel Approach such a great place to be! So no matter what colors you put in the place, so long as you keep the staff and bring back most of what was there to begin with you will still have a winner of a shop and will remain one of my most favorite lss!

I don't do crops or classes much, so enlarging the crop room doesn't really interest me, especially if it is at the expense of products. I LOVE Novel Approach because I can always find what I'm looking for there. Be it Stickles or Glimmer Mist or ink pads or the latest HOT new paper line.

Give me the tools for artistry and all those beautiful papers, ribbons and other embellies and I'm happy.

I like the idea of background music, and also perhaps a way to watch some of the great tutorials to be found online, especially for new products as they come in to the store.

Better lighting would be great -- not that there was ever bad lighting, but more natural lighting so we see colors more accurately.

Best of luck with the recovery process and I look forward to the store re-opening soon.

Anonymous said...

My favorite things:

* The clearance section always challenges me to pick out something for cheap that I wouldn't normally have tried otherwise.

* Stamps, especially ones that are not specific to a certain event.

* Stencils. I still use them all the time.

* Punches -- again, useful for all occasions are the ones I'm drawn to.

* Love that natural light that comes in through your windows!

Paula Laird said...

Wow, I bet that is one heck of a job!
I say pick the color that makes you happiest! I come for the stuff, not the walls! :)

I love your stamp selection! If I had a request it would be even more stamps. I love that you have Unity Stamps, Lizzie Anne, MFT, Wham Pop (is that the right name?), and so many others. A Muse, Crafty Secrets,Penny Black, and Stamping Bella are some I would love to see.

I love that you have Pirate paper, Sea World paper, Disney paper. I love the 6x6 Basic Grey pads and all the new coolest stuff.

Your ink selection is fabulous! I love that you have Memento! The scented embossing powders, flocking, stickles, etc are amazing, too!

I would love to see Cuttlebug embossing folders, Nestabilities, Spica pens, Ultra Clean...mainly, though, I just want y'all open!

Best wishes on a speedy clean-up!

pinkdilla said...

So SAD! I miss you guys and can't wait to take a little relaxing break after this horrible storm and come shop!

Timi Forrest said...

Here's to new beginnings....send hugs and support your way!!!

Anonymous said...

I drive past late yesterday afternoon...made me sad - - - but then will be SO glad when you are back and all bright and shiny. I think we need a cappaccino macnine and a Sonic ice Sue.

Anonymous said...

I drive past late yesterday afternoon...made me sad - - - but then will be SO glad when you are back and all bright and shiny. I think we need a cappaccino macnine and a Sonic ice Sue.

Sue said...

All of these are GREAT suggestions, please keep them coming :)

Pat Adams said...

Gosh - really miss coming into the store. I tried emailing to see if you all needed help, but did not receive a response. Probably best anyway as I was cleaning up my own mess in my craft room - the one ceiling in the house that fell in! Fortunately, most of my stuff had been safely stowed away so throw aways were minimal. Most importantly my family is okay.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help - your store and people are TOPS! I never lack for inspiration and helpful tips when I come in. Keep the atmosphere informal and friendly like it always has been. This is the key to a collaborative and creative environment and will always attract customers.

Let me know if you guys welcome people coming by with food, etc. as I would love to make some contribution to your recovery efforts.

Pat A.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have an office style work chair, that has a great cushion, wheels to get in and out of when working and have the option to go up and down. I would love for you to offer more comfort than those hard plastic chairs. makes it a lot more inviting!

Anonymous said...

I am patiently waiting for the Brass Knuckles colletion from Rusty Pickle!
You know I will buy it all. I hope Fed Ex has brought it to you by now. I also wonder if you might add the Distress and Glitz Stickles at some point.

Cindi Dudley