Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We've got the greatest customers!

Hi, Ladies. This is Mary Lou, the owner of Novel Approach. I want to thank you for your great comments. Many deserve serious consideration. Some, like the sonic machine, aren't to practical.

As for stock, have no fear--we will continue to carry as much paper as we always have (and maybe even a little more). That goes for embellishments, etc., too.

I think it's great that y'all are so interested in our new color scheme so I'll give you a little hint. We are definitely not choosing hot pink, bright orange, shocking red, or any other in-your face-colors. Novel Approach has had a classy, soft look, and we don't want to lose that. There will be color on the walls (other than white or beige) and the carpet will be an updated version of what we had. We think it is very tasteful and pretty.

Keep your comments coming, especially those with prayers. We need all the help we can get. -- Mary Lou


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

It's so sad to see so much damage. My thoughts and prayers are definitely with you all as they are with all of those still recovering.

As far as colors? How about Andes Thin Mint? i.e., light mint green with chocolate highlights. Yummy!

Can't wait to see you all back up and running again!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies!

Sorry that you all have to go through this, but good things always seem to come out of the bad.

Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Background music piped in to all the rooms would be very nice!

2. I would love to see a LARGER check out counter with less clutter around it. This will allow more than one customer access to the counter to either ask questions, show off their stuff or more importantly stack their big pile of items that they're purchasing without feeling like they are crowded, in the way or knocking stuff off.

3. Colors: soft greens and taupe with a splash or swirl of maroon/burgundy for some contrast.

4. A wider, more user friendly crop room (again, less cluttered)that could hold several more people ... with a small "refreshment" area/counter for those long crop days and nights (or even throughout the store's regular open hours).

5. Need more room?? Open up the room where the restroom has been out of order to expand the main part of the store.

Just a few things that came to mind as I read the blog. I am sure what ever the recovery team comes up with will be great! I look forward to the grand re-opening!!!