Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Step Forward...Two Steps Back

That is how we have been feeling when we leave the store each afternoon lately. Today, we woke up so excited because we thought we were one step closer to getting the store back in order... until we unlocked the front door. Imagine our shock to find MORE of our new ceiling tiles wet with rain water from our new leaking roof... sigh again. We placed a phone call to our property management company and started cleaning up the mess. Then after lunch when we were "un-earthing" our Accu-Cut dies that we had stored in our kitchen area, guess what we found.....yep, more mold (and yet another call to the property management, they are on speed now). BIG SIGH !
On the bright side (behind all that rain), we did get our front counter about 50% completed, about 99% of our slat wall installed and all of our Accu-Cut dies back on their shelves. We are truly grateful that there were only two steps back today, it could have been much worse.


Anonymous said...

Patience is certainly going to have to be your middle names!
Bless you in your efforts to bring this disaster to a close. We applaud all of your hard work and look forward to seeing you open again soon. VERY soon!
Hugs to you all. You are in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

PS:... It was great to see you on Thursday. Bet you had fun finding a place for that new UPS shipment.

I feel like the women in the tv ad - she's standing outside the glass window of a store, nose pressed to the glass, repeating "Open!", "Open!", "Open!".

have fun ladies!


Anonymous said...

Bless you and your patience...I know all of your hard work and perseverance will be worth it in the end when the store is back up & running, better than ever!! Cannot wait to see the "finished product" and to hear that you have all been able to take a big sigh of relief for having survived this test of nature. Keep your chins up, and your steps forward...they will outpace any steps back that interrupt your flow! Thinking of ya'll & wishing you well!


Sugarnspiice said...

I understand your frustration. I am sure the new and improved Novel Approach will be spectacular. I am anxious, ok I am very anxious, ok I CANNOT WAIT for y'all to open. I really need a N.A. FIX. (smile) I will keep checking