Monday, October 13, 2008

Patience Is A Virtue???

In the world of fast food, fast cars, fast weight loss, and fast money- why can't there be fast construction??? We are ready for the store to be OPEN. We feel like we are playing the walnut shell game where you shuffle the ball around and hope you choose the right nut. That is what we have been doing with all of our merchandise and fixtures for the past few days trying to work around all of our subcontractors. I must say it is a dance of sorts.

To top it all off, just when we think our construction is coming to an end - We find more remnants of Ike in the form of mold in two other places of the store, our NEW A/C starts leaking on our NEW ceiling tile which drips onto our NEW carpet, we find that water has settled under the bathroom floor, the workers in the space next to us spilled water on the floor which flowed under the wall and into our space, AND our backdoor lock broke... ALL ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON!

Enough complaining, we truly are thankful that we even have contractors in the store doing the work at all. Our property management told us that if we had waited on them, we would still be about 4-6 weeks out. But we feel that since there is paint on the wall and carpet on the floor we should be open for business......sigh!!! Oh the plus side, it IS nice to go "out to lunch" with your co-workers :)

I will leave you with a few pictures of us around the store. I also want to thank all of you that have lent us a helping hand, brought us cookies and kept us in their prayers. It is TRULY APPRECIATED.

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Novel Approach said...

Sue, you often go "above" and beyond the call of duty, but aren't you carrying it just a little too far! What are you doing on that scaffolding? Adding tape to the ceiling or removing some? -- ml